About Me


My name is Taras Savytskyi, and for the last 9 years I've been building products for different startups and organizations.

I specialize in user experience design, user interfaces, and design research. I focus on creating intuitive and delightful experiences that people will love using daily. 

Currently, I am working at Ethena, where I am responsible for researching and designing engaging and effective compliance and training tools. My experience includes designing and shipping products for brands like 360Insights, Toyota, Statflo, Ultramar, and other startups. 

At my free time I like to build side projects like: Gourmate: Food Journal for iOS, The Magic Color Palettes plugin for Figma, Hallofshame.design - dark patterns of the internet.

I continuously scan the environment to stay current on the latest trends & technological progress. I believe in the power of design to solve complex business problems and improve user experience.

I am very keen on joining a forward-thinking organization where I can use my expertise in design and research to add value through excellent user experience, product knowledge and research.

Sometimes I share thoughts about design and products on Posts.cv and on my Medium Blog